Get Review Notifications

Getting notified immediately about negative reviews is vital before it spreads or goes viral. With Simple Confirm, you get notified by mail helping you respond immediately.

Send Review Requests

After each customer appointment or customer interaction, you can set Simple Confirm to send review requests automatically.

Manage your Reviews

Simple Confirm lets you delete the reviews that you don’t like. Publish only those reviews that you like.

Acquire New Customers

Customer reviews are what differentiates you from others and give you an edge over others. As a result, it allows you to convert more prospects into customers.

Reply to Reviews

Be it a Thank You or answering a query, with Simple Confirm, reply to your customers and start a discussion. Even a bad rating can be converted into a good one when you take time out for your customers.

Get a positive Online Reputation

A good online reputation is vital in converting leads. With good reviews and ratings, your business can have a positive online reputation.

Learn How We Can Help You Drive Your Business Success

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