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24/7 Online Bookings

Simple Confirm brings your whole scheduling process under one roof with around-the-clock booking availability for your customers. Now, have a good night’s sleep while your business makes big leaps.

Recurring Appointments

Have recurring appointments to be scheduled? Just add a repeating appointment, set the time period and Simple Confirm will take care of the rest.

Flexible Scheduling and Availability

Simple Confirm’s scheduler works with your working hours. Your working hours could be as plain as 9 to 5 Monday to Friday to as complicated as different working hour availability.

Appointment Waitlists

Appointment cancellations are a huge business reality. But you don’t have to lose money in the process. Use this opportunity by enabling your customers to join a wait list and visit you as soon as you have an appointment canceled.

Automatic Email & Text Message Notifications

Simple Confirm streamlines appointment booking and confirmations process by sending automatic confirmations, updates, and reminders at the right time.

Staff Scheduling

Have a huge team of employees working for you? Let them manage their own schedules with Simple Confirm while you’ll still have full control over your business.

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