Number of Customers

Get to know the total number of customers you have. Know where you stand and set an aim for the future. You also get to know new customers month wise and year wise.

Appointments Monitor

View scheduled appointments, cancelled appointments and total appointments. You can reschedule appointments if there are any cancelled appointments and be more productive.

Referrals Monitor

View how many customers have referred you. Also you get to know the people you have been referred to. Use this data to send them Emails.

Communication Monitor

You can view the number of text messages and emails sent to your customers. You can also get to know how many emails were bounced from your email campaigns.

Reviews Monitor

More and more people now check online reviews before availing any service. Simple Confirm makes it easy for your customers to write reviews for your business. Plus you can control the reviews which go online.

Outstanding Payments

No understanding your Accounts Receivable is simple. No need to scroll through Ledgers and accounts. You can know which patients’ payments are due. Send them reminders and receive on time payments.

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