Send Referral Requests

Asking customers and clients for referrals and recommendations is a great word of mouth strategy. Leverage it with our inbuilt Customer Referral feature and get people to talk about your business.

Multi-Channel Referral Invite

Wondering if your referral requests on phone are playing hide and seek? If so, Multi-Channel Referral Invite is what you need. Send referral requests on multiple channels to ensure nothing falls through the cracks.

Incentivize the Referrals

Make the most of your referrals by providing a discount to users signing up for your services and convert prospects into loyal customers.

Reward your Customers

Make customer referrals good as gold by adding a reward system that will also make them eager to refer your services to their friends.

Track Referral Information

From number of Referral Invites sent to Referral Rewards earned by your customers, get complete access to Referral Information via a user-friendly Dashboard.

Embrace New Customers

Drive new customers to your business while keeping the existing ones coming back for more. Simple Confirm helps you build a strong relationship with your customers through Customer Referrals.

Learn How We Can Help You Drive Your Business Success

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