Prevent Data Leakage – Secure Your Sales Data With A Mobile CRM

data leakage

According to a study conducted by the Ponemon Institute, data leakage cost companies an average of $7 million involving fewer than 10,000 records in 2016. Data leakage is one of the worst things that can happen to any company – especially when it happens to a sales team data. The results of data leakage can be really annoying for the sales team and monetarily damaging for the company.

Remember data leakage isn’t directly related to data breaching. While cyber security can be one of the reasons of data leakage, the matter of the fact is that most information loss, breaches, and leakage stem from a company’s own employees.

Data leakage and breaches are damaging because crucial business data is lost usually data that drives sales. Also, if you use a CRM and maintain your data in it, it also calls into question the data that is entered in your CRM. You wouldn’t know if the data captured in CRM is complete or not.

Sales data leakage is a major problem that needs solving.

Data leakage in the field

There’s no denying the fact that modern business marketing strategies require sales team to be highly active and mobile while still be able to perform their duties. This includes general fieldwork, travel or even missing a flight. Certainly, due to complications associated with these situations, information loss is far more common. Thus implementing a good mobile strategy to prevent data leakage is your key.

A sales representative might get diverted by the situations that come across and often lose track of crucial data. They could also lose touch with company’s CRM because either the CRM lacks the basic functionality or has no mobile version.

Many mobile CRMs do not come with the dynamic functionality of their desktop counterparts. A sales representative always needs to have an access to not only contacts captured in the main CRM, but also the capability of monitoring sales productivity, lead conversion rates, and deal management. They also need to keep track of upcoming task and deals and see recently viewed contacts. Without the ability to do any of these, your sales team is flying blind.

Therefore, your team needs a robust CRM that not only gives the ability to do all that but as keeps data leakage concern as minimal as possible.

Data Leakage in the office

To ensure no data loss, make sure there is no data loss occurring at the main branch of the firm. Data loss can happen if your sales representatives are not doing their job appropriately or your CRM is outdated. Make sure the CRM you are using makes data leakage or data breach a no-issue in a way that it offers a true 360-degree view of your customers, and it enables you to keep track of customer data across various channels with ease. Crucial information should be kept in a centralized system categorized under various different customers, and also allows you to fetch and store data while being involved with other activities such as lead prospecting on social media platforms.

Simple Confirm CRM software is a smart system that is built keeping all these things in mind, and which allows you to keep data leakage at bay.

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