Does Your Creative Agency Need A CRM?

Creative agencies don’t always work on the same mental imagery as a company selling a physical product does. Sometimes not even to those doing the work themselves. Those in the business themselves may not feel the need of a platform to improve their efficiency. However, there are certain imperative reasons why such firms should use a creative agency CRM, and they all focus on improving customers engagement and organization of information.

A creative agency wouldn’t have anyone to sell that beautiful art, designs or witty slogans unless they have a regular flow of customers & without a consistent, reliable way to engage and manage leads, there won’t be any customers. Comprehensive data tracking, analysis, marketing and communications keep those customers and leads around.

These all problems are solved with a well-developed and feature-rich customer relationship software. Here are five specific reasons why your agency needs a CRM.

Data, Data, & Data

A CRM acts as a platform for tracking every interaction your team members have as well as information collection. Your sales and marketing teams can always see the same data. A CRM allows you to quickly check customer preferences and past concerns, and it gives you a 360-view of the contact.

A creative agency CRM also helps prevent redundancy issues. There is no stacking of old data and no duplication. The information is always fresh because your teams are all working, updating and maintaining within the same system.

Boost Your Revenue Stream

A CRM serves as the perfect way to maintain schedules and organization in this case. All communications can be recorded. Account executives will never question when a client has called or when they need to be contacted again.

All-in-one software also assists in spotting trends among customers. Your teams can use those trends to—if needed—change the way they interact with clients to both better serve the customer’s needs and boost the chances of a sale.

Referrals, Referrals, & Tons Of Referrals

A CRM can also help incur a lot of referrals through effective automation and referrals campaigns. A well-structured CRM allows you to run a campaign for your customers to attract new prospects and convert them into customers.

Lead Segmentation and Organization

Since a CRM gives you the opportunity to collect information and save contacts, you can segment your leads for better marketing implementation. Your team members can filter, view and organize contact data inside the software. Beyond that, a good CRM should also allow for at least two different kinds of segmentation: one using predefined filters and one that has been manually tagged by your team.


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