6 Habits Of Highly Successful And Effective Entrepreneurs

habits of successful entrepreneurs

For a matter of fact, habits make our lives. They are the stepping stones for building personal happiness and professional success. In order to be successful, we all need to develop successful habits. Take it from the most successful and effective entrepreneurs around the world.

Minimize Low-Impact Decision-Making

mark zuckerberg

We are not unaware of Mark Zuckerberg and his accomplishments over the years. He has become one of the most inspiring and successful entrepreneurs to look up to these days. Mark Zuckerberg focuses his energy and maximizes his effort for creative and high impact decisions by completely eliminating minor decisions every day, be it deciding what to wear, what to eat or how to transport. He minimizes low impact decision making to maximize his productivity and energy by focusing on the most important decisions.

Be Confident In Your Own Expertise

cher wang

Cher Wang, co-founder of HTC, was one of the least well-recognized individuals when she started working with a computer company that required her to move heavy computer boxes while navigating train states in Europe. After a few years later, Cher and her executive team were insisted on making a decision on the direction of the organization, where she confidently urged to choose cell phones as a top priority instead of hand-held devices or notebooks. Her expertise and passion led her to become a top entrepreneur of all time with a profitable mobile company – HTC.  

Let Passion Drive Your Business

john mackey

A passion for anything can do wonders for your life which John Mackey completely justifies by becoming an owner of Whole Foods Market. John spent years working and living in urban food communes and had worked with three different corporations. While working with these corporations, he learned essential lessons of his life which sparked a fire in him to improve the food quality for people on a very large scale. This is how Whole Foods Market was born. His passion for creating a better food supply led him to become an entrepreneur.   

Keeping A Strict Schedule

elon musk

For business owners, time is their biggest asset. They do not believe in sitting idle or wasting time. Elon Musk, founder and CEO of SpaceX and Tesla Motors Corporation, schedules his every day in 5-minutes to squeeze the most out of his day.       

Put Your Customers First

Ben and jerry

Jerry Greenfield and Ben Cohen, the founders of Ben & Jerry’s ice cream, always put their customers before anything else. They believe their customers are the huge drivers of their company’s success. In the early stage of their company when they opened their original store, they kept their customers engaged by having them poll their opinions on new flavors. When the company grew, they started selling their stock and given their original customer base a chance to become a part of Ben & Jerry’s by giving them the opportunity to buy stocks of the company before anyone else.

Be Visible

Richard Branson

A majority of entrepreneurs usually do not fit the 9 to 5 schedule. These entrepreneurs work when they want, and wherever they would like. However, Sir Richard Branson has proven all these things wrong with being highly visible. He not only comes to his office every day but also takes time out of his schedule to interact with his employees and customers to get a better feel for how his organization is doing.

Whether you are an aspiring start-up founder or a veteran entrepreneur, it’s always amazing to study and learn from those who have succeeded in their field before you. Use these entrepreneurs’ successful habits to cultivate yours.

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