The 8 CRM Features That All Businesses Need

Though CRM software piles on the bells and whistles in an attempt to grab the attention of your targeted customers, the fact is that there are certain core features that have the biggest impact on your business. While choosing a CRM for your business, keeping these features in mind can prevent you from being diverted by features that, while interesting or even promising, will not do the CRM heavy lifting that your business needs now.


Current business conditions are dictating the following list of CRM must-haves:


Business Process Automation

Automating your business processes not only makes it easier for you and your staff to manage everything easily but also accelerate the sales team’s efforts of driving new leads since they are no longer involved in managing other processes. With a CRM that allows you to automate your business processes, you can conveniently organize your information such as contact, accounts and sales data in one place.


Customer Referrals Breed More Referrals

Customer referrals are important for every business no matter what type of business you have. In fact, they are the most valuable and precious sales lead your business will ever encounter. A well-developed CRM should allow you to send referral requests to your existing customers as well as manage any referrals you may be getting along the way. Unfortunately, there are only a few of the CRMs available on the market that allows you to do so such as Simple Confirm.


Online Appointments

Appointments are the core part of any business. Having an appointment scheduling functionality in your CRM gives you an edge over your competitors since it saves you plenty of time, effort, and money. Not only would you stop wasting time on answering calls, and scheduling and canceling them but also managing all the appointments.


Reviews Management

From managing negative reviews to taking care of your online reputation, the best CRM solution will empower your business with a reviews management feature that makes managing your business reviews a lot easier.


Integrated Business Insights

CRM solution should offer business owners with access to decision-making and complete analytics for both marketing and sales. The best solution allows you to implement right marketing strategies, measure results across multiple channels, target consumer groups, and select campaigns.


Online Bill Payments & Reminders

Having software that allows you and your customers to make online payments is made possible by few fully-integrated CRM solutions such as Simple Confirm. The best CRM allows you to take benefit of electronic communication and send payment reminders to your customers by text message. Plus, with each text and email reminder, it lets you add a link using which your customers can make bill payments.


Social Campaigns

The importance of promoting your products and services on social media cannot be emphasized enough. Almost every business should leverage the benefits of social media network since it has the right kind of audience for your type of business. A well-created CRM solution must render powerful and robust social campaign management feature, allowing workflow from initial campaign to the deployment.


Flexibility and Customization

Every business is different and so is its requirement. Therefore, the CRM you choose for your business should offer flexibility and customization so you can integrate it into your business hassle-free and conveniently.  


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