Use Simple Confirm to Handle Multiple Processes of Your Business

The reasons that people decide to go down the path of business ownership differ. Maybe it’s the allure to set your own working hours or to get the opportunity to revolutionize the way a business is done.

But apart from that, there is one indisputable reason: the opportunity to finally put our energy into building our own dream instead of someone else’s. However, when we are working for our own dream, we stumble upon one startling reality that running a business is anything but easy. Challenges, like reaching to the right audience, making the first sale, and standing out from the rest, make everything seem impossible.

We even incorporate technology into our business to automate processes. Of course, the ultimate aim of using technology is to make everything simpler but automation is easy when there is a defined and clear process. However, a business involves diverse processes.

So, how do you intend to deal with this diversity? Wouldn’t be highly convenient if you could manage you every business process regardless of your business type with just one tool? This was the motivation behind developing Simple Confirm.

What is Simple Confirm?

Simple Confirm, as the name suggests, is one of the simplest, cloud-based customer relationship management systems that has been developed keeping every business and entrepreneur in mind. Since our CRM is based on a cloud platform, it does not require a team of IT experts to set up and manage the whole system.

Introduction to Simple Confirm

Simple Confirm began with the vision of revolutionizing Customer Relationship Management (CRM). This vision has encouraged us to build a CRM which can change the way enterprise software is rendered and used, changing how the business is done forever. We have developed Simple Confirm for almost every business out there, be it a restaurant, a salon, an automobile enterprise or a simple local service.

One-Stop Solution

Simple Confirm is a mature and excellent Customer Relationship Management system that allows you to organize information including contact, accounts and sales information in one central location. But unlike other CRMs, Simple Confirm doesn’t start and end with simple sales and marketing. Our CRM enables businesses to manage all interactions with their prospects as well as staff, so your business’s productivity can improve.

It comes integrated with a wide range of features that are developed to empower your business such as Automated Communication, Customer Referrals, Reviews Management and so much more. From business management to acquiring new customers, there is nothing that you can’t do with Simple Confirm CRM.


As a matter of fact, every business is different and so do their requisites. We, at Simple Confirm, are well-familiar with this fact and thus have introduced customer-level customization that enables businesses to get customized packages that are right for their businesses. For instance, you are only interested in four of our features and don’t want to invest in the whole software, Simple Confirm enables you to choose your business-specific features and add them to your business without having to spend your hard-earned money on unwanted features.


We believe Simple Confirm will not only help you organize your business but also grow it significantly. Running a business is more comfortable when you have the right tool to empower it.

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