Impress Your Customers in 8 Seconds!

Eight Seconds are sufficient to impress customers, if you take the right step in the right manner. According to a study, the average human attention span is 8 seconds, which means you get 8 seconds to impress your prospects and convert them into customers. If you still believe eight seconds are not enough to attract new customers, you might be surprised to learn that the numbers of prospective customers have either liked your brand or completely lost interest in that time. Learn how you can get your brand into their heads.

Grabbing a customer’s attention isn’t easy unless you know the right way. If you are doing email marketing to reach your ideal audience, your job is even tougher as it sound. Your email has to compete with the other emails that person receives every day. From getting subscribers to opening the email to reading your content to taking actions is not an easy job. To make a successful campaign, your emails must cover these four doors:

  • Attention
  • Interest
  • Desire
  • Call-to-Action

Attention: Eye-catchy subject lines are more attractive than heading.

A good subject line will increase the chances of opening an email by your subscribers, while a familiar individual or a brand’s name will make you look more genuine. If you ignore this, your subscribers may likely to trash your email.

Interest: Engage your customers with interactive content format

After getting your ideal subscriber’s attention, the second step is to get them to read your email. Guide them a story! It could be about how you helped your customer by solving their problem, or maybe how your product increases their revenue and help them in growing their business to the next level!

Desire: Offer a personalized experience

Purchasing a product or service is strongly tied to emotions. Build a personal connection with every subscriber, enhance their desire by adding factual knowledge or information to your emails. This will trigger a sense of urgency in them to buy your product.

Action: Benefit of Call-to-action Button

Now your subscribers are in the final level of the purchase cycle. But, if you don’t guide them how to reach at you, you might even lose them. You can’t lose this after bringing them this far. You just need a good call-to-action button and let them know what your product and service can do for them.

Now that you know what it takes to grab your customer’s attention, you can build your marketing and email strategies around that and start converting your prospects into customers in no time.  

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